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    What Is A Chippy? 

    A Magic Based Roo Hybrid Creature! They have a roo shape, 4 fingers and 3 toes with pawpads, can vary widely in size and appearance but retain 6 maximum limbs, one tail, two ears, and two eyes.

    A chippys appearance can vary wildly in the case of which creatures it resembles, mix and match those features, or blend them so much the creature inspirations are indecipherable! They can be feathery, furry, or scaly. These Jaws, Ears, Tails, and Claws, however are always on a bipedal style rooish raptor style biped body. Neck Length and Tail type/length can also be long to short in vast difference. 

    Chippys can range in size from 2 ft 6 in up to 9ft tall not including tails.
    There are 4 genetic groups with features-
    • Female - Pouch
    • Male - Horns
    • Omni - Horns + Pouch
    • Nemo/Null - No Horns No Pouch

    Chippys can be trans and or Identify as any gender or pronouns they like is is a very normal thing amongst the population as a whole. Chippys magically reproduce and can do this with any partner that is not their same genetic group. Chippys of the same genetic group can and do have romantic relationships anyway because love is love and there are lots of Nuggets to adopt. 

    Magic?! Yes magic! The world of Sozotekki has an energy that flows through it and is inside all of the plants and creatures of the world in beautiful and creative ways, including chippys! Fire breathing, glowing light magic, levitation, plant growth, and other gifts are available to the species in limited ways! Magic is often a stamina like resource that needs to be replenished by resting or magic rich foods.

    Nuggets are the Young of the chippys, they are born looking very similar and then pupate into a small version of their adult form once they grow up enough in size, maturity, and magic, then fill into their adult size and power with food and experience. 

    Though means chippys can age or change phases of life much more variably, the effect of time isn't entirely lost on them, they grow with time and it takes 10-15 years to get big enough to reach adulthood and 20 more years to reach their full adult size. They can live until the environment, food supply, sickness, or injury no longer allows. 

    They are mid-way up the food chain and have tame food and mount creatures, but are also hunted by larger monsters called Springerbeasts. 

    Lifestyle wise they usually prefer living in villages but across the planet it varies from wild living, kingdoms, to cities. Villages are the average, and also what you call a group of chippys- "There is a large village of chippys playing on the beach." 

    This species started as something I made in 2004/2005 as a kid who loved kangaroos and it grew from there, I started designing them for my friends online as early as 2008 and now have created quite a world and number of them with fun lore, stories, and designs to enjoy with everyone else too!

    The species is open for anyone to make and if you need pointers on design, toss your current WIP into the CHIPPY CHECK ✅ Channel in the Discord!

    a more detailed guide for making a chippy with exact anatomy/guide by region with color etiquette suggestions coming soon!