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    NO Underage or Diapers or associated fetishes including scat and gas. no.
    NO Non Con of ANY kind
    NO feral NSFW or anthro on feral NSFW
    Will NOT draw a piece with a main Focus being on human feet (paws are fine)
    NO Heavy armor/Machinery

    SOCIAL MEDIA - I post most SFW art and designs that are done on my own social medias ( DA/Twitter ) and will tag you as the commissioner or leave a name provided.

    CHARACTER DESIGNS - Full ownership of the design for noncommercial use is fine, as long as the design is credited to me as the original designer/concept artist. To purchase my designs with commercial use please contact me through my e-mail.

    ART PIECES - Any art purchased you may use for personal use however you like, with credit. To purchase my art with commercial use please contact me through my e-mail.

    TRACING - You may trace over my art in the privacy of your  own computer/art program to learn I suppose, but tracing and posting it as your own, even if you only "partly" traced it is clearly obviously theft, and against these TOS, Even if it wasn't art that you commissioned, and just something you found of mine online, including the warriorcatscolors blog I run, this goes for any art I post and I will pursue you for art theft.

    STREAMS - I may work on your SFW commissioned art pieces LIVE ON TWITCH , commissions are always by default allowed to be done live - if you would like to opt out of the livestream queue you must request to opt out of the livestream via the "more details" box of your commission. Alternatively if you wish to watch live, provide your twitch username and ask to postpone the commission until I see that username in the chat and that you would like to watch/comment live, and I will do my very best to make sure you get to watch!

    WIPS/UPDATES - I work fast and in high volume and will not go out of my way to personally message each person individually about the status of their commission and ask to move forward with an 'approved' sketch etc - as all details should be provided in the original description.
    I work LIVE on them, and update my queue often, If you wish to tweak/comment on your commission appropriately and politely while I work on it, I provide a schedule and you can ask that I wait to start yours until you are present and I have no problem with that! (see streams section) - HERE IS THE QUEUE 

    COMMUNICATION - DO NOT @ ME - I will not reply to any DMs or @ or comments, etc. on any posts referring to any details about a commission or past commission, unless specifically asked to communicate via DM If you are rude or curse at me in DM i reserve the right to post the entire bee-movie script in the DM at you- I will reply ONLY to e-mails or website messages ONLY. My social media is not a place to discuss these things, you will be screaming into the void, and it will be buried under my feed and gone forever, and I will delete comments where applicable to keep everyone's browsing experience more pleasant. thank you.
    E-MAIL - CrunchyBenslay@gmail.com